Elite Armory is proud to be able to provide you with high quality training from highly proficient and experienced instructors teaching the most current techniques to help develop you as a shooter whether your need be personal defense, marksmanship, or competition. Please contact either of our locations for a class schedule or 1 on 1 training.


Bradley was introduced to firearms at a very young age which sparked his passion for shooting. He joined the military and served as a Military Police officer from 2013-2019. While in the military he completed the police academy and was assigned to work the roads. He was later transferred to a combat support role and completed the mounted gunner courses to serve as a gunner. He also served as a member of the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) and completed regular training with his team. Bradley is a DOJ certified Firearms Safety Instructor, has extensive firearm knowledge and has taken classes from well renowned instructors. Because of his background, thirst for knowledge, and relentless determination to improve, he has been able to blend both a self-defense and performance mindset. Bradley has 15 years of shooting experience and loves to teach new and experienced shooters alike. He currently spends hours each week honing his craft and shooting an average of 2,000 rounds a month. He is always looking for better ways to improve his shooting skills to then bring these techniques to the classroom. Bradley operates on the mindset of “always a student” which drives him to take multiple classes from other top instructors every year.


For new and returning shooters with minimal shooting experience, we recommend taking our Intro to Handgun Course . After completing the Intro to Handgun course, we recommend taking a few range days to practice and ingrain the knowledge and skills you learned. If you would like a refresher or want more instruction but are not quite ready for more advanced shooting, we also offer 1 on 1 Training .Once you feel comfortable, have completed the Intro to Handgun Course and are ready for some more advanced training where we blend self-defense and performance shooting, Defensive Handgun is where you want to start. If you are interested in taking one of our classes, please visit either of our locations to sign up and reserve your spot. Details for each class is below.

Intro to Handguns

During the Intro to Handgun course, you will learn how to safely operate your firearm, the fundamentals of grip, proper sight alignment and we will focus on giving you a foundation for good shooting mechanics. These fundamentals will help you build good habits as you progress as a shooter.

This class requires nothing but a good attitude.  We have eye and ear protection as well as firearms you can use.  If you are using our firearm, you will need to purchase our ammo.  You are welcome to bring your own firearm(s) and ammo as well as your own eye and ear protection if you prefer.

1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 training is just what it sounds like. You will have the instructor and his undivided attention for one hour! Bring the firearm platform of choice (pistol, rifle or shotgun). 1 on 1’s are recommended for shooters who have already taken the Intro to Handgun Course as our focus during the 1 on 1 will be to help fine tune you as a shooter and push you to the limit of your shooting capability without any distractions. To do this, you need a basic understanding of shooting to take full advantage of the 1 on 1. You will have more of an opportunity to practice recoil control through rapid fire and this will help lead into the Defensive Handgun course. We do not currently offer a dedicated rifle or shotgun course but if you are a proud new owner of a rifle or shotgun and want to get instruction on how to operate and shoot your firearm, taking a 1 on 1 is the way to go.

This class will require you to bring the firearm platform of your choice, eye/ear protection, ammunitions, and magazines.  Electronic hearing protection is preferred so that you can hear the instructor.  Most of the items you need for the class are available for sale in store.

Defensive Training

Here we dive deeper into recoil management with quicker and more accurate follow up shots, target transitions, cognitive shooting, problem solving, offhand shooting, speed reloads and more. This course is a blast! We will be putting a lot of rounds down range so you may want to stock up before the class! Elite Armory remanufactured ammo is available at both of our locations for cost effective training rounds.

This class will require you to bring the handgun of your choice, eye/ear protection, ammunition, and magazines.  Electronic hearing protection, a dump pouch, at least 4 magazines, and a speed loader are recommended.  Most of the items you need for the class are available for sale in-store.

Please stop by our Tracy or Castro Valley location to start your firearms training journey.